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Obesity in children 2


There are many variables involved in obesity. The more variables you control the better you can avoid obesity in children. Here are a few variables parents you can apply to help their child to avoid obesity.

Let’s start with an example.
If  the parents tells to the child: “always finish your plate till it is empty”. It is most likely that the child will be set up (programmed)  to have obesity. What will happen when the child goes to a restaurant and they serve big plates? The child remembers the instructions and eat more than the body needs.

A child is not programmed yet completely. A child is closer to nature than an adult. So children listen better to their body needs and want. If the body has absorbed enough calories it gives a warning and the child responds to that. If the parent tells the child to keep eating untill the plate is empty, they teach the child to neglect the signals of the body. And in essence the parent teaches the child to move further away from mother nature (internal) and listen/obey only to others (external). And I don’t think that tv commercials, tv etc. are a good source to give advice!!! (ps. that is also one of the reasons why people experience axiety, (the internal (your mother nature) does not match with the external (what they tell you to do)). Aren’t we told/educated to consume and eat massive amount of food with Christmas and Thanks Giving?

So one variable is the parent! What example does the father/mother give to the child? How are their thoughts about food? What is their pre-dominant thought about food. Do they eat for pleasure and (taste based) or do they eat out of nessecity ( listening to our body to what it needs)? If parents are not taking responsabillity for their health, how can we expect a child can?

Another variable is what parents teach their crops about food. Is the child aware of the bad and good foods and what the consequeces can be. Of course the parent must be educated on the topic themselves. If the parent has obesity himself it is hard to know what the habits of slim people are and educate the child. I would recommend to look for a role model (slim) in the family and study the values, beliefs and habits of this person.

The daily cooking is of course already influencing the health of a child and creates the habit of eating and what to eat and how to cook when they fly out of the nest.

The video below is an interesting experiment why some children eat a lot and some don’t.

Video obesity in children.

Video: Why you can’t blaim the obesity to your genes.

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  1. Getting fatness or thinnes it depends on the biological and DNA of the parents
    but doing some exercise can increase the stamina and healthy body
    thanks for nice video

  2. admin says:

    Yes Indiansafaries, that is a common believe and a nice excuse. Recent research and technology in biology shows that the genes are not that dominant and from significance as we give it. They call it epigenetic control. In short… the environment controls the genes. How can you explain that an one egg twin living seperately in the world and one of the twin is fat and the other is skinny. They have both the same genes of the parents… I have included a video where Dr. Bruce Lipton explains how this works.

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