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I Changed the world 0

Change your thoughts will change the world.

I can change the world and so can you. Our thoughts will result in certain acts. To give you a simple example. When you meet a person and it is love at first sight… you are completely in love and you will view the whole world through a different lens. This happens in an instance. Just like that. Well you can say… the world will be still the same and only this person has changed. Is this true? Let’s continue with this person in love. Suppose it is you…

People that you will meet on your path will notice your happy mood.  And may be it is contageous? May be they were having a hard day at work and on their way home they meet you. They forget all about the bad day at work. They are now so happy that they buy flowers on their way home! When they arrive home the wife is so surprised that she forgets her troubles too. She cooked his favorite meal and a romantic night follows. 9 months later she conceives a healthy baby boy. They call it Obama, Barrack.

So my question is… did you change the world? Did you touch millions of lives? YES, directly and indirectly you sure did! Without you it wouldn’t have happened. This is known as the butterfly effect. A good metaphore is that A small movement of a wing of the butterfly can cause a storm at the other end of the ocean. So each small thing can make a big difference.

People who know this universal truth are using this in their advantage.

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