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How good do you know yourself? 0


Did you think about this…

By knowing yourself you can realise a happier life. You know what you want and don´t want without hesitating. Before you can “judge” the external it is important to know yourself. If you haven´t thought about yourself, who you are, how your brain operates and functions I can guarantee you that a lot of your beliefs are programmed by someone else (government, family, media, friends, co-workers etc.)

You might ask yourself. How much in my head is programmed by the government or the media? What is the division? Who wins in my head? This is quite easy. That depends on two factors.

  • the amount of time that you are “exposed” with the source each day.
  • the way a message has been delivered. (how powerful it is presented) (power techniques of seduction)

So if you spend talking with a friend for 30 minutes who is trying to help you with your health this can be EQUAL to a 1 minute powerful seductive TV commercial were they show you the good feeling of healthy happy people drinking coca cola! (and all commercials/ TV are masters in seduction). So if you spend 2 hours a day in front of the TV, you know you are being owned by the TV & media. (and I am not even talking about time you spend with radio, newspaper, magazines and internet news)

These messages are so sophisticated, that it is not a fair game. Your mind loses again and again. I can guarantee you this. Your mind is so much bombarded with information that this will burry & mute your own intuition. We know by nature self what is good and bad for us. (Power vs Force from David Hawkins)

So you are “vulnerable” and accepted ideas and believes from others which you can´t “avoid”.  But are these beliefs helping you? When these beliefs are manifested for a long time in your mind it will become a paradigm. A paradigm is our perception of reality, our view of the world. It is our interpretation of events based on previous teaching we have received. Paradigms are stored in the subconscious mind. You have programs running on auto-pilot and you don´t even know it. It is like driving a car and talking with your friend at the same time. You do all the things to drive the car automatic without thinking.

So how do you control your paradigms if you they are subconscious? You do that by starting at point ZERO.

Try to be a modern monk for a week. One of the reasons why monks are going to live high in the mountains is to find peace (of mind). They live closer to nature and we are all nature. So take a journey to find yourself. Don´t expose yourself to a lot of  external information. Only absorb information necesary for your journey.

  • Don´t take anything for granted. Question yourself and the information that reaches you. Remind yourself with a note to do this as often as possible. So examine your acts, and thoughts closely.A good example is when I cooked dinner for my wife. Meat with patatoes and vegetables. I first started to put the meat at the plate of both of us and started to eat. My wife asked me, why do you start eating the meat first? I am missing the patatoes and vegetables? I responded that the patatoes and vegetables will be served after we have eaten the meat. My mother always did it like this at our home! So the next day I asked my mother why we always ate the meat first. She didn´t know and responded the same. So I asked grandma.  My grandma didn´t know either, “I never thought about it, but I remember we were not so rich and my mother had only very small plates, so there was no space to put everything at the same time!!!!

So question yourself. Is watching TV healthy? Don´t take it for granted because everyone is watching.

  • Re-evaluate your beliefs.

Your belief could be: “milk is healthy”.
Is that true? May be this was true 60 years ago when the cow was eating green grass, leaves and living in the wild breathing pure air. Or is drinking milk from a cow injected with growth hormones and anti-biotics and other injections  (which is the case here because this is obligated by the government) not so healthy?

You decide!

Love & Light,


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