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Levien 1

I salute You!

I consider myself a life long “learner and enjoyer”. I don´t feel “enslaved, anxious or nervous” anymore. Instead I feel 100%  freedom and enjoy a great lifestyle.  One of my quotes I live by is “LIVE TO THE MAX, everyday”.  I am FREE to do what I want and have no obligations at all, EVERY DAY, every minute!!! If I want to meditate or snorkel in the ocean, going to the beach or whatever I can do that right at this moment.  I don´t work because it is my passion and hobby. You can´t hardly imagine how this feels, but I can tell you: I FEEL GREAT!

I feel a deeply need to “wake up” people and show them that they do have a choice. That there is another way! I am proud to have touched the lives of other people and made best friends along the way. So I found a lot of satisfacion in helping other people and just by giving I was receiving.

I love the INTERNET (freedom of speech), BUSINESS (help companies), TRAVEL (which helps you to cross boundries within yourself), WEB DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT (creative), HEALTH (holistic approach), Self Development (Personal Growth) and PEOPLE (help, connect and synergize).

Instead of making notes in my personal diary I decided to open this blog so anyone can benefit from my hours of surfing the internet, studying and reading many books a week, visiting various seminars and countries. In short, I share here all my knowledge and experience with you.

May be it is not a coincidence you came to my blog. Drop me a little message and who knows what happens next?

I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I do!
Carpe Diem!
Levien Eelman

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  1. sunil singh says:

    nice to share great moment!

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